An investment that makes the difference

Easy installation
on existing sun-umbrella supports
No keys for your clients
but only a simple combinatation code
Certain money pay-back
for whom renting the box
Ready innovative advertising space
for your sponsors

Relax and safety in 3 SIMPLE MOVES

Whether you are on holiday at the beach or a side of a swimming pool, your customers just want to relax. Theft of keys, wallet or mobile phone could ruin their holidays. Offer to your customers the freedom to swim or take a walk without worrying about their personal belongings. The Security Beach sun-umbrella safety box is comfortable and easy to be used.

Store your belongings in the safety box, Compose your personal combination code, Close the door and... enjoy your relax.

Fixed on your sun-umbrellas Security Beach and your customers will enjoy their holidays without worries.

IMPROVED SAFETY with Security Beach

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